Game Keepers Cottage Jigsaw

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Buy all four of these beautiful jigsaws and save £6.00 Game Keepers Cottage This beautiful winter snow scene by English landscape artist Gill Erskine-Hill has been turned into a testing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The scene shows an isolated cottage where you can almost feel the chill of the winter’s day in contrast to the welcoming warmth implied by the friendly curl of smoke from the chimney. This is a fine example of contemporary landscape art and you will spend many happy and satisfying hours recreating it yourself piece by piece. Highland Cow This wonderful image of a Highland Cow having her lunch makes for a seriously challenging jigsaw puzzle. In this amusing head on portrait, painted under her former name of Gillian Mitchell, artist Gill Erskine-Hill has captured all the character of this lovely animal. This charming original work of art has been turned into a jigsaw puzzle for the true connoisseur. Enjoy that huge sense of satisfaction as piece by piece you put the puzzle together and recreate this delightful image in front of your eyes. Paddy by the Lake This lovely 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is of an original painting by artist Gill Erskine-Hill, painted under her former name of Gillian Mitchell. The image shows a portrait of a man relaxing by a lake with the water surface so beautifully painted, it reflects the trees and sky, and looks almost photographic. This is a jigsaw puzzle to thoroughly enjoy as you recreate this fine original artwork piece by piece. Sheep in the Shade This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is from an original painting by artist Gill Erskine-Hill (painted under her former name of Gillian Mitchell). It shows a group of sheep and lambs sheltering from the sun under some leafy trees. It is a truly delightful rural composition and makes for a highly enjoyable puzzle. The different areas of light and shade and the similar coats on some of the sheep and lambs offer an element of challenge, all of which makes assembling and completing this lovely jigsaw puzzle a highly satisfying experience.
Contains 1000 pieces. Product Code: JIG20 Alternative Codes:PFG20/MWG20/SMG20
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